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About Us

About Crystal- “Shinning Every Moment Of Your Life"

- From the very beginning of human history, our ancestors had tried many way to record the moment of their activity. The best one is to carve on the stones. Almost every civilization originated from the words and pictures on the stone.
- Nowadays, people have many methods to record our life, most of them are in digital format in our computer or in the “cloud”. We rarely to review them after uploading them on our facebook or storing them in our hard drive.

- We have been following our ancestors wisdom, to engrave or laser your moment on a crystal, which will last for lots of years just like the old civilization.

About StarHome Crystal- Quality, Delivery and Service

- As a supplier, we always focus on Good Quality, On Time Delivery and Great Service.
- We controled every step during production to ensure the final products in the same standard as the production samples.
- All orders from different clients are in the same importance to us, we promise the best service all of our clients.

About Our Factory

Our factory is located in Pujiang, Zhejiang Province which is known as "the hometown of crystal".  Our factory have cutting, polishing and laser workshops with 20 workers.

About Our Advantage

- Compared with other export company, we own the factory so we can control every step strictly and make samples quickly.
- Compared with other factories, our designers have good experience on the products design.