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Production of Crystal items
Most crystal items made in 7 steps: cutting, mold pressing, drill whole, polishing, sand blasting, laser engrave and glue. All of the steps are made by hand, that's why there is tiny difference between pieces.

1st, Cutting: all items are from big crystal blocks. our masters need to calculate the size according to the designing papers, and then cut the big block into small pieces.

2nd, mold pressing: it depends on the quantity and quality requirement of customers whether to use mold pressing during production. Normally, only K5 crystal can be pressed, and there will be little bubbles in the final products. The advantage of mold pressing is the shorter production time, the lower price and the size control of the items.

3rd, drill wholes: most of crystal items had one or two regular whole(s) on them, this step is very important.

4th, polishing: all the crystal products should be polished to keep them the shining effects.

5th, sand blasting: this step normally made according to the requirement of customers to add some personalized contents.

6th, laser engrave: compare with sand blasting, laser engrave can made both 2D and 3D effects, which is inside the items. But this step need the crystal in regular shape. And for sand blasting, you can feel the concave-convex on the surface.

7th, glue: normally, the last step is to fix different parts together. There are some different methods to glue the crystal parts, for example, by UV glue, AB glue or some other glues, which depends on the usage of the final item.

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